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We can help you establish ownership of a business. We will help you determine the correct business entity to file with the Secretary of State of your jurisdiction, such as LLC, corporation, or nonprofit, along with creating the proper operating documents your business needs.  



For services such as policy preparations, human resource matters, defending your business against civil legal matters in court, filing and litigating claims on behalf of your business in court, appearing on behalf of your business in arbitrations or mediations, and so much more, K.Y. Turner Law Firm, PLLC can advise on the best policies and procedures to navigate the legal matter. As opposed to having an attorney on your business payroll, consider Attorney Khanay Turner as outside legal counsel. Salaried in-house attorneys can be extremely costly, especially for a new business. Having outside legal counsel on retainer with hourly fees has proven to be the most cost-efficient option for new and existing businesses.


Services Provided include:

  • Business Formation

  • Operating Agreements

  • Corporate Bylaws

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Contract and MOU Drafting

  • Business Contract Review

  • Employment & Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Non-Compete 

  • Demand Letters

Trademark and Copyright  

Let us assist you in establishing ownership of your brand as your business grows. It is vital to protect your business brand, reputation, and creation through a trademark and copyright to ensure that no one else uses what you worked hard to build. By registering your business name, logo, catchphrase, titles, and invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, your business' brand and creation are protected in all 50 states.


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