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K.Y. Turner Law Firm

Protecting your legacy while building generational wealth


Attorney Khanay Turner is the managing attorney and owner of the K.Y. Turner Law Firm, PLLC. The firm's practice areas are Business, Entertainment, and Estate Planning. Our mission is to equip our clients with the necessary legal tools and solutions to serve their community and create wealth for generations to come.

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Business Discussion

Business Formation

A 30-minute consultation where I assess how I can help you establish ownership of a business. Through this service, we work to establish your business or non-profit organization through the Secretary of State of your jurisdiction, including operating agreements, bylaws, articles of incorporations, and more. These services include LLCs, partnerships, corporations, EIN retrieval, and more. 

A couple at a business meeting


The industry is tough and you need that one person in your corner, looking out for YOUR best interest! This will be a 30-minute consultation where I assess your current needs and future need of representation in the entertainment industry.

Family Unwrapping

Estate Planning

A 60-minute consultation where I assess how I can help you with setting up your family affairs or deal with a family member's affairs. All Probate, Heirship, and Guardianship proceedings must be within the State of Texas.

Judge Gavel


A 30-minute consultation where I assess how I can help you establish ownership of your brand as your business grows. It is vital to protect your business brand and reputation through a trademark to ensure that no one else uses what you worked hard to build. By registering your business name, logo, catchphrase, and titles with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, your business brand is protected in all 50 states.

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